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Traveling to Italy can be a fascinating experience. Italy, the land of history, art, beauty, fashion, and culture has been considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In Italy travel, you have the opportunity to see rests of the Ancient Roman Empire, the Medieval Tuscan fortress towns, the Vatican city in Rome and the Venetian Republic. Italy has got culturally very rich history to offer the interested visitors.

Italy is positioned in southernmost Europe; Italy is a peninsula surrounded with the Mediterranean sea. Travel to Italy and visit Rome, Milan, and Florence the birthplace of the Renaissance, Venice – the only town of its kind built in the midst of the Adriatic, the magnificent and outstanding natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast, a place to relax, Naples and the tower of Pisa. Italy is a lovely country, and one reason it is so beautiful is the miles and miles of sea coastline. The Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean


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Italy Beaches – List of Italy’s best beaches

Italy beaches are some of the best in the world, excellent for swimming and with a very unique look to most of the coastline.

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Vacations to Venice

Italy gives to visitors the opportunity to discover the history of this country between monuments and architecture beauties as well as pretty landscapes and natural wealth. Certainly, looking upon Italy one is the compelled journey among many, a stay in a peculiar and unique city of Venice. Venice is located on the Venetian lagoon in […]

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Rome travel

You’ve heard the phrase ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ Similarly, if you are planning a trip to Rome, you will want to give yourself a lot more time to enjoy what the city has to offer. This is something a lot of people already recognize, as the famous town in Italy has gotten great […]

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Italy Travel Advice

Italy is a superb country to take holiday for so many reasons. This country oozes with romance which makes it the perfect place for younger couples to fall madly in love or for older couples to rekindle that magic. Plus, there is no better place to get a great slice of Sicilian pizza and gelato. […]

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Palio Siena Italy

The biggest view in Siena is in all probability the town itself, with its tortuous cobblestone streets and lovely piazzas. But the historic center is even extended enough that there are a few attractive features you’ll want to make time for – and you don’t even have to go out of the old city walls to experience them all.