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Where To Play Golf in Italy

The procedure of planning a golf vacation in Italy actually doesn’t have to be all that complex, you need to make certain you start your preparing far enough in advance that you can truly put some thought and consideration into it, simply because hurrying is never worthwhile.

Italy, due to its fantastic landscapes, has several golf courses throughout the country. While traveling within Italy, you can play golf in the hills, by the sea, close to famous cities and in lots of the tourist resorts.


Golfing near the lakes of Garda, Maggiore and Como is an unforgettable experience, with the gentle hills, flat grounds and small clearings amidst trees. Miles and miles of green space dot the beautiful surroundings. It’s possible to go around for several hours while enjoying round after round of golf without feeling worn out. The golf courses about these lakes give an experience which is different from playing golf in standard golf courses.

There are many of historic seaside villages which provide the means of enjoying seaside golf. These towns give you a blend of classic natural environment, excellent panoramic beauty and ultramodern placements for great hospitality.

Mountains are a significant part of every traveling circuit of Italy. From the Alps to the Apennines, there are many of golf courses dotting the slopes of those hills. They have a wide variety of flora and fauna, making them much more beautiful. Walking in golf courses located in mountains can be an arduous task, but it is great fun, too. In fact, one has to treat walking as part of the game in golf courses in hills. You simply can’t skip it in case you are playing an actual game here. Hence playing golf in mountains gives an individual the satisfaction of an open-air sports activity as well as an excursion.

Where To Stay when Playing Golf in Italy

The next thing in planning a golf vacation in Italy is to make a decision where you are going to stay on your vacation. Specially when you plan on spending a week in your preferred location, in this instance Italy, you’re obviously want to someplace to stay, and thus you are going to want to decide on the proper hotel, motel, vacation resort, or apartment – whatever it is that you are looking at.

Do not forget that in famous traveler places such as Italy, rooms often fill up quickly so you are likely to intend to make your bookings as early beforehand as you possibly can in order to ensure availability for the time and date you are interested in.

Make It Easy Playing Golf in Italy

If you wish to simply take the easiest route when you’re thinking of planning a golf vacation in Italy, then one alternative that could be ideal to you is to just purchase a golf holiday in Italy package. This golf package will include everything which you will want for the trip, including time at the chosen golf courses in addition to rooms and typically meals and drinks as well, depending on what particular package you ultimately choose.