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Traveling to Italy can be a fascinating experience. Italy, the land of history, art, beauty, fashion, and culture has been considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In Italy travel, you have the opportunity to see rests of the Ancient Roman Empire, the Medieval Tuscan fortress towns, the Vatican city in Rome and the Venetian Republic. Italy has got culturally very rich history to offer the interested visitors.

Italy is positioned in southernmost Europe; Italy is a peninsula surrounded with the Mediterranean sea. Travel to Italy and visit Rome, Milan, and Florence the birthplace of the Renaissance, Venice – the only town of its kind built in the midst of the Adriatic, the magnificent and outstanding natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast, a place to relax, Naples and the tower of Pisa. Italy is a lovely country, and one reason it is so beautiful is the miles and miles of sea coastline. The Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean

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Venice carnival, the February event in Venice city

One of the worldwide known events is the Venice carnival. The Carnival of Venice has a remarkable character, it is unquestionably best recognized for elegance and sense of mystery that it lasts after all the centuries, that is, after 900 years from the first record that describes this traditional celebration. Three hundred years ago the […]

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Where To Play Golf in Italy

The procedure of planning a golf vacation in Italy actually doesn’t have to be all that complex, you need to make certain you start your preparing far enough in advance that you can truly put some thought and consideration into it, simply because hurrying is never worthwhile. Italy, due to its fantastic landscapes, has several […]

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Rome Hotels Spanish Steps

Being the capital of Italy means that Rome sees millions of guests move through yearly. Having its amazing historic interesting attractions and its charming streets, Rome is the best destination to get away from the hubbub every day life. After having a busy day sight-seeing, you’ll need somewhere nice to come back and calm down […]

Rome travel tips

Rome, the main city of Italy, is worldwide famous for its history, monuments and art – the Rome Colosseum, the Vatican City, Venice, Florence to name a few. With so much art, culture, gastronomy, history and churches, Rome is an unforgettable destination. For new travelers who have never been to Rome before can learn that […]

Best Time to Travel to Italy

The Best Time to Travel to Italy

When is the best time to travel to Italy? As much as the tempting answer is: “Any season is perfect to get to know Italy”, choose whether in the low or high season or in the hottest weather or in the cold winter months!   Italy has something to offer the visitor year-round, but there […]

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Vatican Coins

Since you now know a little about the history of the Vatican and the Catholic Church, you might like to learn a little more about the great artifacts that further mark the time in history when the church was being formed. Vatican coins are a great part of not only Roman history, but world history; […]