Attractions in Italy

Visitors to Italy will find an wealth of good eating places and cafes in each major city and region, and an authentic eating place is typically inside walking distance of all the major sites and attractions.

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Art museums and historical sites are distributed throughout the major cities such as Venice, Florence and Rome, with popular locales including the Vatican. Visitors staying in Italy villas in the seaside town of Cefalu, Island of Capri, Naples or Amalfi coast can enjoy many of Italy’s best restaurants and stroll down bustling ancient streets. Browse through Italy villas and Italian holiday renting in Rome where the Testaccio area has modern clubs, live music and many DJ bars. Visitors will learn about the history of Italian culinary creations and learn how pasta is made from start to finish. You’ll get to see machinery used for making pasta and even view photos of celebrities eating pasta.

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Know more about traveling to Italy as this site offers information about known places to visit in Italy. Visit to the tourist attractions in Italy will simply make your holiday a unforgettable affair.

Florence is known throughout the world for its art. The city has some of the most well-known paintings and sculptures on the planet. Florence is the capital of the region of Tuscany and unfolds on the banks of the Arno, between the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian seas, almost in the center of the Italian peninsula. It is a city that stirs with industry and craftsmanship, commerce and culture, art and science.

Tourists pile the bridge to catch the picturesque views of the setting sun and the city. In summers, Ponte Vecchio becomes a lively theatre where portrait painters and street performers display their gifts and regale the crowds. Tourists have great time by getting the visual treat offered by these great events.

Tourist attractions in Italy usually include Rome because of its popularity, beauty and wealth of things to do and places to see. Tourist attractions in Italy and Rome include art, museums, architecture, restaurants and beautiful countryside throughout the country.

This page mentions some of the most famous tourist attractions in Italy, like Rome, the capital city of Italy, which is all about precious culture, splendor and history. While Florence is the birthplace of the famous Renaissance period of Italy, Rome is about grandeur, history and haste. Florence as the cradle of the Renaissance, is a masterpiece of studied elegance, but Rome’s Piazza de Spagna, Via Condotti and Via Veneto are also great for designer threads, and remember there are also nice boutiques around the Vatican. Florence is renowned for its hand-crafted leather.

Rome is a marvelous city quite unlike any other and in terms of historical sights outstrips everywhere else in the country by a long way. Rome’s roads in particular are frequently choked with traffic, and drivers on a regular basis fail to stop at red lights. Walkers should also be cautious when crosswalk busy roads.

Sorrento coast is drawn up of rocky inaccessible cliffs interchanged with pleasant beaches. Sorrento Coast is one of the most romantic and famous tourist attractions in Italy. The main fascination of this town is the serene splendor of its landscape, the blooming of its gardens, the gentleness of its air.

Venice has gems in abundance, but the main one is the city itself. Lose yourself in the jumble of streets, canals, bridges, and piazzas as you soak up the atmosphere of this attractive city. Venice in Italy has become very popular for its beautiful canals and gondolas, with the Grand Canal of Venice, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy.

La Serenissima, Venice, Summer 2006

Journey in style across Italy to delight a deluxe guided tour of the Chianti region, genuine Italian food and wine, in short an Italy rarely visited by tourists. Travel to Italy and you will come across the most famous churches of the world.

Travelers that are projecting an Italy vacation should be prepared to loosen their purse strings. It’s no surprise that the American dollar is not stretching very far these days, although it is better than some months ago.

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Pompeii is famous as the buried city since its name is rather similar to its ancient ruins. The city was covered under many strata of molten lava and ashes and had vanished for over 1, 600 years.

Pompeii had several amphitheaters. In Roman times people went to the amphitheater to see plays and gladiator fights. Pompeii really was and still is a attractive place. Walking along the cobbled streets is like getting back in time 2,000 years. Pompeii is home to one of the world’s most known volcanic disasters: the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD left this remarkably well-preserved Roman town completely buried under its ashes. Found not far from to Naples, the incredible archaeological site gives an amazingly particular insight into the lives of those existing here before disaster struck.