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Cities in Italy

Italy has a many of the most amazing old cities all over the world. It is far from just the countryside, the beaches, islands, and mountains that are amazing in Italy, so are many of the cities! Not just are they outstanding, Italy’s cities are incredibly fascinating, loaded with art, history, ancient ruins, and more. Their names echo in our wide-spread cultural knowledge: Rome, Venice, Verona, Florence, Bologna and much more.

Cities in Italy to visit

Italy has several beautiful cities. Therefore, it was difficult to limit your alternatives. Every one of these towns has historical places, museums, good locations to shop, excellent food, cultural activities, and nightlife.

If you wish to do better than the typical sightseeing tourist and see them in a whole brand-new light, have a look at some of our Italy travel guides.
Besides these, there are numerous other fascinating, historical, dynamic villages, towns and cities in Italy. Why not avoid the crowds hurrying past you to get into one of the primary tourist destinations and possibly enjoy the virtues of Italy off the beaten track.

Get to understand a new side of exactly what Italy has to provide, and you may be shocked to find that the places of interest of Italy, and possibly some of the most unforgettable moments of travel you have experienced to-date will show up in many beautiful however underrated cities.

Venice, the romantic city

canal in venice

Nowhere you can find such a romantic city on earth like Venice in Italy and Venice is undoubtedly the most stupendous of all the cities in northern Italy if not an unequaled town in Italy.

Venice is among Italy’s unique and romantic cities, with its winding canals and small walking streets. Saint Mark’s Square is the heart of Venice with the Doge’s Palace and the spectacular cathedral, Basilica San Marco, a mix of eastern and western architecture. From Venice, you can visit several lovely islands in the Venetian Lagoon.

What makes Venice probably one of the most amazing cities in, well, the world? There’s Venice’s one of a kind, beautiful buildings, its delightful churches, and, keep in mind, the central attraction of the St. Mark’s Square. But what genuinely makes Venice amazing is the fact that it is built entirely on the water, the canals they call the streets, so there’s no traffic or bus wear out, and along with many canals, all you can hear is the sound of the water! To make the most of Venice’s quiet side, consider planning your visit in autumn or even in winter when a beautiful mist hangs over the entire city, and there are no such crowds of visitors.
Venice offers the classiest nightlife destinations in all of Italy, with a variety of jazz homes and lounges that all share a mellow atmosphere.

Rome The Capital and Most Visited City Of Italy, with Vatican as another Capital

rome and vatican

Some say Rome is the greatest city on earth. Chaotic and yet surprising, Rome is the eternal city and in any cities of Italy lists it might often be first or second best – rivaling with Venice for the top spot.

Rome is considered the capital of Italy. It was likewise the principal city of the Roman Kingdom, the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. The heritage of the city includes two-and-a-half thousand years.

Rome has become a city filled with interesting things to see and do. Rome is known for its Colosseum and also other ancient Roman places, delightful squares with magnificent Renaissance fountains, and the close by Vatican and Saint Peter’s Square.

Rome is not only highlighted by its varieties of art, and impressive buildings, typical ancient monuments, and museums but by its familiar streets and alleyways where you can now identify the features of Italian lifestyle, history, and culture. Making a stop in Rome will allow you to find a good deal of different historical levels that have crafted this beautiful city over the centuries, through the remains of the Roman Kingdom, through the Medieval and Renaissance times to the modern day buildings.


With many archaeological sites, art museums, churches, and ruins, it might just be the most fascinating in the list of cities of Italy! In spite of Rome’s relatively small historical center, it would be easy to dedicate a month going through the city and not experience everything.

Rome nightlife is most of all devoted to food and wine, being a premiere culinary arts holiday destination. There are many wine bars and coffee shops for night owls on the Piazza Navona, while the Testaccio location is full of bars, clubs, and discotheques for those who are seeking to get their groove on. Then again, be advised that many clubs in Rome close down for summer time and give way to the many festivals that take place in the city.


cities in italy list

Florence, small and enormous and an open air art gallery evolved to be more stunning over the hundreds of years; a treasure chest surrounded by medieval walls that give protection to grandiose masterworks of art and architecture. From its impressive position, the city is located at the feet of the Appennine Mountains in a valley that unwraps onto the Arno Plain. Its constructions and monuments tell stories of art, war and life. Its streets, today populated with vacationers, are identical to the ones through which Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante and several other of the most illustrious minds of all time, threaded their way.

Florence’s galleries and museums, palaces, and church buildings house many artistic treasures worldwide. The most famous and significant sites in Florence are definitely the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Uffizi, the Bargello, and the Accademia. The churches of Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce are veritable exhibits, and the library of San Lorenzo is a wonderful exposure of Michelangelo’s architectural genius. Stroll a few of the most ancient streets in the city until you get to the Arno River, cross to the Ponte Vecchio. You should definitely spend time to view the huge and wide-ranging art collection stored in the Pitti Palace.

If you grow tired of galleries and museums and ancient monuments, leave the city. Devote a day at the Boboli Gardens or ascend the hill to the church of San Miniato al Monte to see an awesome view of Florence, Italy.

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