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Vatican Coins

Since you now know a little about the history of the Vatican and the Catholic Church, you might like to learn a little more about the great artifacts that further mark the time in history when the church was being formed. Vatican coins are a great part of not only Roman history, but world history; and the beautiful designs and materials that Vatican coins are made from are very intricate and beautiful. Here is some information about the coins, as well as some places you can go to view the coins and other historical pieces that will teach you more about the church.

Papal Coins

An Excessively Rare Roman Orichalcum Sestertius of Vespasian (69-79 C.E.), Roma Seated on the Seven Hills of Rome on the Reverse, of Exceptional Interest
There are numerous of commemorative Vatican coins that you may want to check out; these varieties have been refinished for the anniversary editions of the coins, and these items are very valuable. For example, the Vatican 2007 Euro Proof, which is the Catholic Heart of Peace, is a piece that you’ll want to purchase for your collection; you may also want to take a look at 2007 Vatican coins that are the anniversary edition of 81st World Mission Day. Both of these coins are under $150 and come with a case, so you can add these items to your collection easily.

Vintage Vatican Coin

If you’re going to be going to the Vatican soon and want to visit some of the sites that will be shown on the Vatican coins you’re going to purchase, you may want to take a tour of the Holy See, so that you can view the place that Pope holds services, while learning about the church’s rich history. Vatican coins that are commemorative of the 80th birthday of Pope Benedict XVI can be purchased either online or during your visit to Rome, and this is a coin that truly only comes every once in a lifetime.

Other Vatican coins you may want to purchase include the Vatican City 2006 Commemorative 2 Euro Bimetal Coin. This coin celebrates 50 years of the Papal Swiss Guards, which were used to protect the region when soldiers passed through the Porta del Popolo and entered the Vatican for the first time in 1506, where they were blessed by Pope Julius II.

Vatican Medals

You can also find a number of Vatican coins when you search online through antique catalogs. Antique sites will also be able to give you a schedule of expos that may be going on in your city soon, so you can find the coins you want by looking through them in person before making your purchase. You can also check out lodging arrangements for Rome, so that you can get the Vatican coins you want while traveling through historical sites that will make the images on the coins even more real. For more information, check hotel reservations.

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